…in the small things….

My life is a mess.

There are puzzle pieces scattered over the floor of my emotions…

habits and issues lay in disarray around my heart…

the closet of my mind is filled with thoughts that have too long defined me in a way that keeps me from walking in the confidence of my Father’s image.

I am being rebuilt.

I am a beautiful mess.

One of the things my Father is teaching me is to notice the small things.

You know, the things no one is standing around to see.

The moments I make a decision simply because He’s leading me……

You know…the things that are so uncomfortable that you know in the back of your mind…

this MUST be for my making.

Yesterday, I was busy giggling and chatting with my sisters.

I was enjoying the easiness of our conversation, the gentleness of their voices, the sincerity of their listening ears

their joyous laughter.

I was enjoying the moment when I felt the tugging on my heart


Money. Something I dont have much of, need more of, and hold on to as long as I can these days.


The Holy Spirit was nudging me to tithe….again.

My husband usually tithes for both of us out of his check, right off the top. Since I don’t make much I tell him my small tithe every week, and he pays by debit to our home church. So why would God want ME to tithe after I’d already tithed?


I took $20 out of the $80 cash I had to last me until next Wednesday. The only money I had to go to dinner, matinees or buy ice cream with my sisters while our california sister is visiting. It was already barely enough.

But I did it.

And this morning a friend texted me and said,

“I want to bless you. You have been a blessing to me, and the way you know God inspires me. I want you to know how much I believe in you. So instead of saying it, I want to show you. I want to give you $200 for just YOU. Dont spend it on groceries, christmas gifts, or bills. Spend it on YOU. Thats what I feel led to do.”

friends….I wept.

$20 was a tithe of the $200 my Father blessed me with less than 24 hours later

I obeyed him when no one was watching, listening or taking score.

I obeyed him in the small thing.

Glory be to God.

Not only was my faith boosted , but my confidence in Christ (which has taken a great hit in this last year) was built up immensely.

Its one thing to hear about it….its another thing to experience it.

God spoke to someone else to meet the need that I was secretly praying to him about.

I’m excited about

the grace to obey

the grace to receive

and the grace to one day give to others …freely.