Books…a Million

I have fond memories of the bookstore and buying books.

My mom got paid every other Friday, and it was our ritual to leave daddy behind watching a basketball game or playing solitaire while we ventured to the mall for new books.

Back then it was Waldens bookstore.

The store at our local mall was about the size of a master bedroom…not very big.  I was thrilled to go there nonetheless.

You see, I’ve loved books since I can remember. I love the feeling I get when my mind is transferred into the storyline, connecting with the characters, imagining the scenery, the smell of each crisp page; it could quite possibly be my favorite past time.  Although I’m a singer and a lover of all sorts of music, nothing relaxes and soothes me like a good book. In fact, it is my dream to one day live in a home filled with built in bookshelves for all the books I’ve purchased and read over the years.

In the past year, books have been a saving grace for me. When I have quiet time, and the kiddos are nestled in bed, I find my favorite pillow, a stack of chips ahoy and I read. The cares of the day just seem to slip away.

In the last 4 months I have read 2 books by the same author, and I MUST tell you all about these books.

“Heavenly Places” and” Faithful” by Kimberly Cash Tate.

Faith meets fiction.

Crisis meets resilience.

Prayer meets a prayer answering God.

Friends find solace.

Marriages find restoration.

Hope is renewed.

Quite simply, these books are like a b12 shot for your faith!!!!


So, tell me book lovers….what books should I put on my MUST READ list for the year?

In the meantime, follow Kim on twitter @kimcashtate ,  for encouraging words and updates on her up and coming novels.


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