LIVE : Through the eyes of a child

Yesterday was my son’s 5th birthday.

I had the day all planned out.

sprinkled donuts to start the day.

a trip to the library to pick out fun books & dvd’s.

a mommy son trip to the movies.

and dinner at Red Robin w/ friends like family.

To say the day went perfectly would be an understatement.

I watched my son’s eyes light up as he opened his presents :

remote controlled cars, motorcycles, hot wheels, a robot, and a Leapster explorer.

I watched his eyes twinkle when he opened the box of sprinkled donuts and I told him he could have TWO.

His little feet were dangling from the seat in the theater ; and Im not sure if it was the movie or the popcorn and fruit punch all to himself that enchanted him the most.

He stuffed his face with pizza and a sundae at dinner, then played happily on a racing game with his daddy.

He laughed a lot.

His happiness made me happy.

I took in every moment and I was filled with gratitude that the Lord blessed us to have such a beautiful, creative child, and provided the means to be able to celebrate him in away to remind him how special he is to us.

LIVE is my word for 2011.

and yesterday I realized that being a mommy is a huge component to the way I LIVE every day.

Sometimes I take that for granted.

The diaper changes. The story reading. The disciplining. The crying and whining. The giggling at the silliest of things.

I often take it for granted……

that Im afforded the pleasure of watching my children LIVE right before my eyes.

Every time they discover something new…

every time they meet a new friend….

every time my husband and I tell them about Jesus, the bible, and about our ancestry…

we are ALIVE.

Despite the circumstances we are treading through…we LIVE a good life….and for that Im so thankful.

Happy Birthday Bubby!